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Ag Issues Forum


To provide an opportunity to expose a wide variety of students to selection, research, planning, and presentation of an agricultural issue.


The event will take place in conjunction with the Job Interview CDE at a site approved by the FFA Board of Trustees. The number of teams allowed per chapter will be decided by the host site.


Is addressed on the front page of Activities and Awards Bulletin. A Chapter does NOT have to compete in a district level event to be eligible for state competition.

Event Format:

A minimum of three and maximum of seven students who are actively participating, orally presenting, and available for judge’s questions. An eighth person may be used to operate the technology but cannot take an active part in the presentation or answer judges questions. Presentations may include official FFA dress, costumes, props, skits, and other creative paraphernalia.

Equipment provided by host site: projector, TV/VCR, easel, and screen. Other equipment is allowed but must be provided by the participating chapter.

Each team will conduct a presentation on the issue developed and presented at the local level.

The issue must come from one of the following seven agricultural topic areas:

  1. Environmental Issues
  2. Agricultural Technology Issues
  3. Animal Issues
  4. Agricultural Career Issues
  5. Economy and Trade Issues
  6. Agricultural Policy Issues
  7. Food Safety Issues

The same agricultural issue presentation and portfolio will not be used in subsequent years by the same chapter.

Portfolio will follow the procedures and scoring as outlined in the National FFA CDE Handbook. Portfolio will be scored only once by a separate panel of judges prior to presentation and that score will move forward to each round. Score sheet located in CDE handbook.