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Ag Mechanics


To challenge FFA members to prepare for the expectations of the agriculture mechanics work place by developing their skills and knowledge in applied physical sciences. Allow students to demonstrate their education and problem solving abilities in a career development event.


The Agriculture Mechanics CDE will be conducted at the state convention and will follow the guidelines in the “National FFA CDE Handbook”.


Is addressed on the front page of Activities and Awards Bulletin.

Event Format:

Each team will consist of three or four members.

Team members will work independently on problem solving and skill development activities, and on the written test.

Individual scores and rankings will be based on these areas.

Team members will work together on a team problem solving activity. The team score will be a combination of the three highest individual scores and the team activity. The team activity score is not split among the individuals.

In case of a tie, the win goes to the individual or team with the highest written examination score(s). If still tied, the win goes to the highest problem-solving/skill areas. If still tied, the win goes to the highest team problem solving score.

  • The Agricultural Mechanics CDE will follow the annual national theme, and be developed from the five system areas designated by the “National CDE Handbook”. The event organizers (MSU-Ag Ed) prior to the CDE will provide a list of possible competencies and skills.
  • The focus of the event will be on areas of the Montana Agricultural Education Curriculum. New technologies will be included as they emerge, and are presented to the agriculture teachers.


  • Team members will be required to furnish and wear appropriate eye protection (see guidelines in the “National CDE Handbook”).
  • Each individual will furnish and wear coverall, shop coat, or appropriate protective clothing.
  • Special equipment may be required to be furnished by the contestants. Such equipment will be noted in the pre-CDE information provide to chapters prior to the event.
  • Failure to wear appropriate safety protection or working in an unsafe manner could result in removal from that CDE area or disqualification from the CDE.