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Parliamentary Procedure


To challenge FFA members to prepare for the expectations of the agriculture work place by developing their skills and knowledge in parliamentary procedure. Allow students to demonstrate their education and problem solving abilities in a career development event.


The Parliamentary Procedure CDE will be conducted at the state convention and will follow the guidelines in the National FFA CDE Handbook.

In the preliminary round, the teams will be separated into two different room based on their average test score. The first, third, fifth, and seventh high scores will be in one room, and the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth high scores will be in the second room. All test scores carry through to the final round. The preliminary round will be judged by the 2nd place district team advisors. The final round will be judged by the four advisors whose teams did not advance from the preliminary round. Additional qualified judges may be added if necessary at the discretion of the CDE chairs and approval by the MAAE CDE Chairs. The CDE chairs need to provide the topic for discussion, motions, a timer and a minute?s room monitor for both rounds. The meeting will be scripted by one of the advisors. This advisor will also judge the minutes.


Is addressed on the front of Activities and Awards Bulletin To compete at the state level, a chapter team must have competed at the district level and placed first at the district CDE.

Event Format:

Team make-up is six team members with one alternate allowed.