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Bulls for Blue Recipients

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Cameron Peltier, Shelby FFA

Cameron will use his grant money to purchase a heifer from a local rancher and show it in the local county fair. He is currently working with a local rancher that has offered to board the animal, help halter break, and show him how to properly fit the animal. With the money earned from the sale, he might possibly purchase another heifer for the next county show.

Loden Idler, Hindsdale FFA

Loden will use his grant money to purchase a heifer calf. He would like to start saving up for college. Starting a herd of his own will help initiate a savings account for his college fund.

Kyle Glenn, Missoula FFA

Kyle Glenn is excited to purchase a breeding heifer from the Two Creek Club Calf sale in October. He wants to start his own herd and follow in his grandfather’s foot steps. Once his heifer calf starts producing calves, he will sell them to FFA and 4-H members for a lower price than market and start saving for his college fund.

WendyJo Spang, St. Labre FFA

WendyJo is desiring to start a small herd of black angus cattle. She would like to stay in the agriculture field, as she is desiring to be a vet tech. With cattle of her own, she plans to make a profit and use it to further her education.

Anna Mitchell, Chinook FFA

Anna Mitchell is excited to purchase a stock tank and a heifer calf with her grant money. She will start a herd of her own and start saving for college.

Elizabeth Brennan, Missoula FFA

Elizabeth Brennan plans to use her funds to purchase a steer from the Coleman Limousine Ranch. She also will use a portion to pay for her paid placement to have her steer at the Missoula County Public Schools Ag Center. She will sell her steer and grow her college savings fund.

Jade Cecrle, Chinook FFA

Jade currently owns seven head of cattle, she will use her grant money to purchase a bull and expand her herd. She would like to become more independent and hope that once she graduates, she will be financially independent and be able to ranch on her own, since she currently leases a bull from her parents.


Destiny Fabel, Ruby Valley FFA

Destiny used her money to purchase equipment for her cattle. Some equipment included new halters, a blow dryer, and a large leather show halter.

Max Andres, Missoula FFA

Max used to funds to purchase two heifer calves to build his herd and start making money for college.

Daniel Hopf, Hysham FFA

Daniel used his funds to purchase hay silage and cattle clippers.

Teagan Turner, Missoula FFA

Teagen used his funds to purchase two steers and donated half of one calf to his local church; the remainder he used to start his college fund.

Cora Wood, Big Horn FFA

Cora used her funds to purchase grain, hay, and vaccines for her cattle. She sold her cattle in the summer to being her college fund.

Ethan Turner, Missoula FFA

Ethan used his funds to purchase a calf at a relatively low price and raised him on a corn and canola diet. When it came time to butcher, the steer was donated to the local Missoula Food Bank to be distributed to families throughout the community that are having a hard time putting food on the table.

Saralyn Standley, Missoula FFA

Saralyn started a beef breeding SAE, she sold the calves after weaning and put the funds into a savings account for college.