The National FFA Alumni Association has developed numerous resources to assist Alumni chapters in supporting local FFA programs. Some common resources, including materials tailored to Alumni chapters in Montana, are provided below, and a complete list of resources for download may be found under Alumni Chapter Resources at You will need to be logged into an account to view these resources. Don’t have an account? Please see this How to Create an Account Guide.

For information on how to start an FFA Alumni chapter, see our Get Involved page.

Alumni Resource Guidebook

Montana Resource Book  (abridged version of national guidebook, including Montana-specific information)

National Resource Guidebook

Chapter 1: Business Operations for Alumni
Chapter 2: FFA Alumni Member Development
Chapter 3: Advocacy for Agricultural Education
Chapter 4: Agricultural Education/FFA Program Development
Chapter 5: Student Development

Chapter Business Materials

Quick Guide to Submitting Alumni Membership (Instructions to submit a chapter roster through the recently updated roster system)

Volunteer Resource Inventory – Editable PDF (Editable electronic Inventory sheet that alumni members can modify and use to identify personal time, talents and resources available to their local agricultural educator)

Volunteer Resource Inventory Database – Excel (Editable electronic database that accompanies the Volunteer Resource Inventory. Record your volunteer data in this document and then present to your local Agricultural Educator so that they can easily sort their volunteers based on need.)

What are our Roles? (Chart identifying the roles and daily responsibilities of the instructor/advisor and the alumni and how to the two can work together)

State and National Documents

National FFA Alumni Manual (National FFA Alumni Bylaws and Polices as well as everything you need to know about alumni)

State Alumni Constitution, Bylaws, Responsibilities, & Committees

Minutes from Past Meetings