Agricultural Sales


Develop an understanding of the sales, service, and marketing of agricultural products. Provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to complete a typical product sale, perform a practical skill, and their knowledge of the sales process.


At State the practicum will be posted, two weeks prior to the contest. Judges will be drawn from the State pool created by the MAAE, updated each summer at Ag. Teachers Update Conference. The Agricultural Sales CDE will be conducted at the state convention and will follow the guidelines in the “National FFA CDE Handbook”.


Is addressed on the front page of Activities and Awards Bulletin. A Chapter does need to be in the top half of their district in order to advance to State.

Event Format:

  1. The event will be a team event consisting of four students. A team may compete with less than four members. All students’ scores (maximum of 4) count towards the team total.
  2. Each member will work individually on a sales presentation, written test, and one of the practicum areas. Individual ranks will be determined from these areas.
  3. Each team will compete as a group on the team problem. Team scores will be a summation of all four individual scores and the team problem.
  4. Teams must qualify for the state CDE by placing as one of the top half of the teams in their district CDE. (If only four teams compete from a district with ten (10) chapters, all four teams would qualify for the state CDE). The sales team will consist of four members with all four scores counting.
  5. Official dress is highly recommended for all participants during the event.
  6. If more than one judge for presentation or practicums, scores will be averaged.
  7. Each contestant should keep product summary sheets with them unless directed by the CDE host to do something else.
  8. Product Summary: Follow the National format

    • Can be laminated. but not required.
    • Judges should follow the role the customer is to play
  9. Montana State FFA Practicum: Will be announced by MSU prior to the State Convention, no later than two weeks, prior to State Convention. For all other Ag Sales contests, all practicums should be used to practice and prepare for State FFA Convention.

Written Tests:

All written tests used in Montana FFA Career Development Events will be made available by the MSU Ag Ed Department at the next Summer MAAE Update Conference following the use of those tests in Montana FFA Career Development Events.

Tiebreaker: Should a tie occur in the individual scores, the highest sales presentation score will be used to break the tie. If the tie cannot be broken using the sales presentation score, the highest written test score will be used. If a tie still exists, the highest practicum score will be used to break the tie. Should a tie occur in the team scores, the highest team sales situation score will break the tie then (in order) the sales presentation, written test, and then the practicums will be used.

Supplement Material:

Agricultural Sales Handbook

Understanding Agricultural Sales Handbook