Agricultural Communications


Agricultural Communications Handbook 


The purpose of the agricultural communications career development event is to excite and inspire students to develop basic skills relevant to the agricultural communications industry. Students will be equipped with strong communication skills and will have developed the ability to work collaboratively to effectively communicate and advocate for the agriculture industry.


Open to active members of a chartered Montana FFA Chapter and enrolled in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12.Teams will consist of four members, all four team members’ scores count for team total.


• It is highly recommended that participants wear FFA Official Dress for this event.

• Team members will work together to prepare a written media plan prior to national FFA convention. The team will also be responsible for presenting the plan at the national event and completing individual practicums and tests.

• During the practicum portion of the event, one team member will be responsible for completing a web design activity, one team member will be responsible for completing a video production activity, one team member will be responsible for completing a journalistic writing activity and one team member will be responsible for completing an opinion writing activity

• Any participant in possession of an electronic device during the quizzes, is subject to disqualification. Recording devices are not allowed during the press conference.

Event Format

Each November following the national FFA convention and expo, the agricultural communications CDE committee will release event specifications for the next year. The specifications will outline the scenario to be used for the media plan and presentation as well as the specific practicum activities and software. This information can be found on


Participants will be ranked in numerical order on the basis of the final score to be determined by each judge without consultation. The judge’s ranking of each participant then shall be added, and the winner will be that participant whose total ranking is the lowest. Other placings will be determined in the same manner (low point method of selection). Weighted rank scoring will be implemented to maintain point value emphasis between individual and team events. The criteria and points can be found on the scorecards (here).

Supplemental Materials

Sample Social Media Plan 1

Sample Social Media Plan 2

Ag Communications Media Plan & Practicums