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The purpose of the National FFA Agronomy Career Development Event is to create interest and promote understanding in agronomy by providing opportunities for recognition through the demonstration of skills and proficiencies. It also gives students an opportunity to explore career opportunities available in agronomy and encourage students to pursue careers in agronomy.


Through participation in the State Event: participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills used in agronomic sciences
  • Explore career opportunities, skills, and proficiencies in the agronomy industry
  • To determine the ability to identify agronomic:
    • Crops
    • Weeds
    • Insects
    • Diseases
    • Plant nutrient defiencies
    • Plant disorders
    • Crop grading and pricing
    • Equipment
    • Agronomy – Local, State, and Global issues
  • Evaluate a scenario and develop a crop management plan including crop selection, production, and marketing
  • Demonstrate understanding of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship through the use of integrated pest management and best management practices


Team Make-Up

  • Four members will be on each team. All four members will be scored, and all four scores will count toward the team total.
  • It is highly recommended that participants wear official FFA dress for each event.
  • Under no circumstances will a participant be allowed to destroy any of the items in the identification portion of the practicums. Any infractions of this rule will be sufficient to eliminate a team from the event.
  • Any participant in possession of an electronic device in the event area is subject to disqualification.

Event Format

The Agronomy CDE will follow all National FFA Guidelines as seen in the 2017-2021 Handbook. Refer to modified Montana weed/crops list in the CDE Revisions Document (See FFA Advisor). Confirmation of weed/crop list will be posted 30 days prior to event. Team activity total points reduced to 500 points.


See Handbook (Page 7-12)

Supplemental Materials

Corn Grain Garding Scorecard

Example Canola Problem

Agronomy Team Worksheet

Vegetable Pest & Disease

Plant Disease Diagnosis

Judging Grains