Horse Evaluation


To stimulate the study of an interest in equine science selection, management, and production.


The event will take place at a site approved by the FFA Board of Trustees. The number of teams allowed per chapter will be decided by the host site.


Is addressed on the front page of Activities and Awards Bulletin. A Chapter does NOT have to compete in a district level event to be eligible for state competition.

Event Format:

Team make-up consists of three or four members. A team score consists of the total of the top three individuals’ scores plus the problem-solving. It is highly recommended that participants be in an official dress in the event ( Black jeans are permissible) Hats are not permitted.

Eight classes will be judged. Four classes of halter and four classes in performance events with four sets of reasons, two reasons in each area. Classes will be approximately 12-15 minutes in length, or as determined manageable by the host. All classes will be 50 points.

Supplement Material:

Horse Evaluation Handbook