Livestock Evaluation


To stimulate student involvement in developing decision-making skills, oral presentations, interpreting performance records and general knowledge of the livestock industry.


The Livestock CDE will be conducted at the state convention and will follow the guidelines in the National FFA CDE Handbook.


Each member and chapter must be in good standing prior to competition as determined by the Montana FFA Association. Must compete at district to compete at state.

Event Format:

The CDE will be held during the State FFA Convention. The event will follow the national guidelines published in the “Career Development Events Handbook” with the exception of a wool class. The state reserves the right to change the time schedule so that the CDE will fit into the convention schedule. The team activity may also differ from the national guidelines in that it will incorporate a problem-solving approach to some aspect of animal production and how it is presented in the Animal Husbandry units throughout the curriculum.

Written Tests:

All written tests used in Montana FFA Career Development Events will be made available by the MSU Ag Ed Department at the next Summer MAAE Update Conference following the use of those tests in Montana FFA Career Development Events.

The class can consist of Beef, sheep, and hogs, feeder, market, and breeding classes, keep/cull, wool, and production equipment. There will be no horses or dairy in the Livestock Evaluation. Three set of reasons are suggested.

Team problem: could consist of Animal nutrition, genetics, herd management, keep/cull in sheep, hog, and beef. State will announce team area prior to State Convention.

Live animal grading will not be a part of the Montana State FFA CDE.

Supplement Material:

Livestock Evaluation Handbook