Meats Evaluation


To stimulate student involvement in developing consumer skills for purchasing and preparing meat products according to industry standards. The student will also develop decision making and communication skills as it relates to the meat industry.


The event consists of a four-member team with low score being dropped. Team members must be high school students and current FFA members from chapters in “good standing”. Chapters must have paid the CDE participatory fee for the current year.

National CDE Participation

Special Conditions:

Any misconduct on the part of a team or any of its members, such as cheating, advisor’s presence in competition areas before or during the event, or the exchange of members before or during the CDE will mean immediate disqualification of the team and its members. Members who check in after the CDE has begun shall not be allowed to participate.

Written Tests:

All written tests used in Montana FFA Career Development Events will be made at the next Summer MAAE Update Conference following the use of those tests in Montana FFA Career Development Events. A written test is put together by the Cascade County Extension office. Questions include:

Classes included primal and retail with one set of reasons on each. Meats Id will be 30 cuts. As well as a problem on yield grade and quality grade.


This is addressed under Team and individual awards in front of Activities and Awards.


This event will take place at the KMON event in Great Falls sometime during the month of January. The event will follow the national guidelines published in the “Career Development Events Handbook”. The CDE sponsor reserves the right to change the time schedule so that the CDE will fit into the convention schedule.

Supplement Material:

Meat Evaluation Handbook