Leadership Development

Torgerson’s GOLD Conference

The Montana FFA Growing Our Leaders’ Development (GOLD) Conference serves to further the personal growth and leadership development of Montana FFA members who are high school seniors and college freshmen. This conference is designed for the students who may have interest in serving as a State Officer, and especially for those who ultimately desire to take on leadership roles in the agriculture industry after their time in the FFA jacket.

Through a series of workshops, interviews, reflections, and networking activities that are organized by current and past Montana State Officers, FFA Alumni, and FFA Partners, the participants of GOLD gain an enriching experience. The goals of this conference include student self-discovery, self-awareness and confidence in the skills they possess, improving interviewing skills, understanding the service of an FFA State Officer, creating lasting connections with other members, and realizing how to be a servant leader in agriculture beyond the FFA.

Washington Leadership Conference

Washington Leadership Conference participants can select from seven weeks they wish to participate, so there is flexibility for busy summer schedules. The curriculum for WLC changes every five years, but the focus is always on premier leadership. The WLC curriculum is built on four pillars: self-awareness, diversity, advocacy and service. Participants learn what servant leadership is all about by diving into our nation’s history and exploring the lives of our founding fathers.

The capstone event of WLC is the civic engagement activity, where participants apply what they have learned at the conference to a real, hands-on service activity.

Alumni Leadership Camp

Alumni Leadership Camp, held each June in Highwood, Montana, brings together our young FFA members to develop personal skills, gain confidence through workshop and team building activities and give FFA members a chance to network and learn from Alumni around the state. This program is a fantastic opportunity for young members to understand at a deeper level what FFA can do for them, their chapter and community.

District Leadership Seminar

District Leadership Conference focuses on leadership and personal development workshops for our FFA members. This one-day leadership conference is the kick off to the new year each fall, and a chance for state officers and members alike to network with chapters in their region, and develop team skills for the year ahead.

Montana Leadership Conference

This three-day intensive leadership development program hosts 150 freshmen and sophomores emphasizing personal and team development, community involvement and goal setting workshops.

Premier Leadership Conference

This three-day intensive leadership development program hosts 150 juniors and seniors emphasizing servant leadership, communication, teamwork skills, and goal setting workshops.

State Officer Summit

All FFA State Officers from each state association travel to Washington, D.C. to begin the delegate committee process and share ideas among all state FFA associations.

Against the backdrop of our nation’s capital, state officers also learn the importance of advocacy by “telling their story” of agriculture, agricultural education, career technical education and FFA.