2018 Scholarship Recipients

College Scholarships

Leave a Legacy 

Kelli Ober, Cascade FFA

Kelli plans to obtain a degree in microbiology and go on to complete lab research. She hasn’t decided exactly what area of research she want to go into, but has interests in stem cells, cancer, and plant genetics. Kelli wants to go into microbiology because it can be applied to so many different industries and areas of work and is something she enjoys studying. Kelli’s long-term goal is to obtain her PhD and go on to do worthwhile research. She feel very passionately about making an impact on the lives of others and want to do that through her career.

Dakota Terry, Big Sandy FFA

Dakota plans on attending Montana State University majoring inFinancial Engineering, which is a joint program of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics. His long  term goal is to obtain a career in agriculture and become a leader in his field. While Dakota consistently placed in the top 10% the Farm and Agribusiness Management Career Development Event, his career choice was greatly influenced by FFA.

Kyla Andres, Missoula FFA

Kyla plans on attend Montana State University to major in Agricultural Communications. She chose this as a career because she believe its important to be able to properly advocate for agriculture and agricultural issues.  After graduating from Montana State University in Agricultural Communications, she hope to get a masters degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. The end goal is become a speech therapist in an elementary or middle school. She chose this as a career path because she understands the importance of helping children overcome barriers regarding their speech.

Courtnee Clairmont, Mission Valley FFA

Courtnee,  Montana FFA’s newly State Reporter plans on studying Agriculture Education at NorthWest College. Courtnee is  excited because she will be teaching students about something  she is so passionate about. With being heavily involved in FFA and the agriculture classes offered in high school, she noticed that in her agricultural education class, the kids from different back grounds than her traditional self were able to get engaged and active in this industry.  This always opened door for new and unique point of views to become a light of conversation in the classroom. In five years she plan to be standing in her own classroom with students eager to learn about how they can get involved. With in the first year she want to become apart of the community. As an upcoming teacher she finds it important to emphasize “living to serve” because in order for a community to stay strong it needs all hands in the community to be engaged and aware.

Watson Snyder, Choteau FFA

Watson has chosen to major in Agriculture Business due to his deep agriculture roots. He has been raised with a great love and respect for agriculture and understands the dedication and commitment of hard work. As a fourth generation rancher and a third generation outfitter he plans to use my business degree to maintain and grow both of these businesses.  After graduation Watson’s long term goals are to work for an agriculture related business to gain practical business experience in preparation for managing the family ranch and outfitting business.

Heidi Froelich, Park City

Heidi is attending Montana State University majoring in  Agricultural Communications,  Heidi would like to work specifically in public relations or in the news field as a reporter. Heidi choose this career path because she has always had a passion for agriculture and making sure people are informed about what is going in the agricultural community. One long term goal Heidi has is to continue to use her degree, and be working in the Agricultural Sector, be it in public relations or in the news and media filed, just advocate for agriculture the best she can.

Saralyn Standley, Missoula FFA

Saralyn will be attending Montana State University majoring in Agricultural Education, teaching option. Saralyn has known she wanted to be a agricultural educator since sixth grade. Growing up in a very urban area, when Saralyn would talk about agriculture and FFA she became frustrated at the lack of knowledge for the industry that feeds and clothes everyone, every day. Saralyn’s long term goal is to become an Ag Teacher in the state of Montana.


Logan Donally, Huntley Project FFA

At this time Logan is deciding between Montana State University-Bozeman or Montana Tech- Butte to pursue a degree in mechanical engineer. He has found that his favorite classes in school have been math, chemistry, and physics classes, which is one reason why he is thinking of engineering as a career choice.  In 10 years and beyond, Logan see himself out in the workforce doing something that he loves, possibly a job obtained as a result of his summer internship experience or perhaps  he will not be in Montana initially, but he believe that a mechanical engineering degree will allow him to return to back to his home state, Montana.

Samantha DeMars, Winifred FFA

Samantha’s desire is to become a music therapist. She has chosen this as her career because it involves two passions of hers: music and helping people. She wants to do something with her life that will help others, and music is the best way for her to do  just that. I know how it affects herself, and wants to be able to share that with others and help them through their own daily challenges. The main short-term goal she has right now is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy. After that, a long term goal  is to start her own music therapy business somewhere in Montana.

 Garret Bromenshenk, Laurel FFA

Garret plans on attending either Northeast Junior College or Montana State University to major in Agricultural Business with an emphasis on cattle production. Garret one day hopes to take over his families fifth generation farm. In the next 5 years, he plans to continue to raise livestock that are competitive in the show ring, but maintain the carcass qualities that allow them to excel on the rail. Garret’s long-term goal is to eventually take over the entities of the farming operation. As their current place is surrounded by sub-divisions, his goal is to farm their land in Park City and move the operation to that location.

Jacob Martin, Culbertson FFA

Jacob, Montana FFA’s newly elected State Treasure plans attended Montana State University and study the Pre-Medicine Intake. He is  hoping to use his first year at college to decide what he want to major in, as he is interested in both Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Both of these majors would open doors that would allow him to help other people in one way or another. Pre-Medicine allows Jacob to explore his options and figure out which path would be best for my future. Long-term, Jacob hope to be helping other people as a doctor in a Montana hospital. More specifically, he is aspire to become an endocrinologist. He is inspired to pursue this career because of how difficult it is for his diabetic mother to regularly see a specialist of this kind, being that they live in rural eastern Montana. Becoming an endocrinologist would allow him to help others with similar conditions in rural areas of Montana.


Kelsey Kraft, Laurel FFA

Kelsey is this years Montana’s National FFA Officer candidate. Kelsey plans on continuing her education at Montana State University- Bozeman,  Kelsey is double majoring in Agricultural Education and Elementary Education. One of her short-term goals is to represent Montana in running for a National FFA Office. After college, she plans to teach agricultural or elementary education anywhere that her career takes her.  Kelsey has organized and taught practices for competitions and leadership workshops that FFA students are involved in. Having these experience has helped her decide to be an agricultural and elementary educator.  While in school and running for a National Office, Kelsey plans on staying involved in school clubs and activities.

Blue Shows Through

Zane Bowey, Ruby Valley FFA

Zane plans to go to Montana State University and study Agribusiness with a minor in accounting, Zane hopes to begin work after college in developing business plans for new products in the agricultural world. He want to help create markets and make investment plans to grow profits for businesses. For example, expanding the cattle supply into other countries that struggle with production themselves. Expanding something like China’s new cattle process plant into other countries could increase the agriculture industry greatly. His passion runs so deep for agriculture that he want to help design plans that can benefit the industry of all agriculture, across the world.


Maime Hertel, Moore FFA

Maime, Montana’s newly elected state secretary plans on attending Montana State University- Bozeman with a degree in Business Finance, these courses will prepare her for law school. Maime’s long term career goal is to be able to run for a United States Senate seat for the state of Montana, and be the voice of agriculture and the people of Montana. Maime plans on becoming heavily involved in clubs and activities on Montana State’s campus to get to know the voice of the people and become an active member of her commmunity.

Montana Land Alliance

Andrea Rutledge, Big Sandy FFA

Andrea, Montana’s newly elected 2nd Vice President plans on attending Montana State University to study Animal Science, with possible minors in psychology and/or business. her short-term goals include running for the National Junior Red Angus board and be involved with the organization while working on my family’s farm/ranch during summers and school breaks. After graduation I will return home to live on and run the ranch, as part of the fifth generation to do so. Andrea’s long term plans include building her own facilities to offer breeding services, including embryo transfers right at my ranch. Once her herd is substantial and she can offer a number of animals for sale, Andrea plans on building the facilities to host my own bull sales.

Vern Dahlstrom

Abigail Stevenson, Hobson FFA

Abigail is planning on attending Montana State University to study Animal Science in hopes to become a large animal veterinarian specializing in cattle and horses. Abigail  feels a huge part of why she has chosen this career path is because she want to be involved with livestock and agriculture in every aspect of her life. There is always a need for large animal veterinarians and she feel that this lifestyle and job would suit her well. Abigail’s short term goal is to graduate from Montana State University, with a degree in animal science and then move on to Veterinary school. She would love to eventually return to Hobson Montana and work at the local Veterinary Clinic so she can stay in the state and area, she loves most.


Mickayla Johnson, Hinsdale FFA

Mickayla has decided attend Montana State University to study conservation biology because this field allows her to combine my love for science and the outdoors with her passion for agriculture and her desire to have a meaningful impact on the world. This career will allow her to work with farmers and ranchers to optimize the production of their operations and protect the natural resources found on their land and within their soil. Her long term goals are to make valuable contributions in her field to help preserve the future of agriculture.

Lars Ronning

Kyle Topp, Sidney FFA

Kyle plans on going to Montana State University and study animal science, ultimately become a veterinarian. All of Kyle’s life he has had an interest in caring for animals, and understanding how they really work, as well as what he can do to make their lives better. Through FFA and 4-H he has spent countless hours learning about animals and the proper care and handling techniques. After graduation he plans on continuing his education in a specialized school to earn his veterinarian license.

Stockman Bank

(Male) Tyler Noyes, Broadwater FFA

Tyler plans on attending Montana State University and pursue a double major in Agriculture Business and Agriculture Education. He has chosen these two careers because he has a deep passion for agriculture and would like to continue to work within the agriculture field. Tyler’s long term goal is to take his knowledge and use it to become a success in the agriculture industry and work towards helping make the agriculture community stronger, and share his knowledge with others.

(Female) Katelin Ainsenbrey, Clark’s Fork FFA

Katelin plans on going to college and majoring in Agricultural Business, Katelin hopes to raise cattle as her future career. She  understands that this business has risks involved and she is prepared to work a different job on the side to provide for her income while she begins to dive into the cattle industry.  She want to provide quality food for others in this world. She was raised in this lifestyle and even with changing times, She plan to continue this way of life. Katelin states that FFA has definitely helped solidify her career choice.

Leadership Scholarships

Alumni Leadership Camp, Sponsored by:Pat Cavey

Tallon Hansen, Deer Lodge FFA

Bridger Gouchenour, Conrad FFA

Alumni Leadership Camp, Sponsored by: Brad King

Anabelle Tirado, Roundup FFA

Alumni Leadership Camp, Sponsored by: Sam Cornthwaite Memorial Fund

Jean Blackman, Cascade FFA

Alumni Leadership Camp, Sponsored by: Montana FFA Alumni

Miles Graveley, Deer Lodge FFA

Victoria Tirado, Roundup FFA

Washington Leadership Conference, Sponsored by: Montana FFA Alumni and Foundation

Paytyn Wilson, Bainville FFA

Washington Leadership Conference, Sponsored by: Sam Cornthwaite Memorial Fund

Jerrica Bursik, Park City FFA

Washington Leadership Conference, Sponsored by: Montana FFA Alumni

Jean Blackman, Cascade FFA

Victoria Tirado, Roundup FFA

Amber Johnson, Choteau FFA

Kylee Billingsley, Missoula FFA

Claire Stevenson, Hobson FFA

National FFA Convention, Sponsored by: Irene Andres Memorial Scholarship

Hans Lampert, Deer Lodge FFA

Miles Graveley, Deer Lodge FFA

National FFA Convention, Sponsored by: Holt Family & John Bliss Memorial Scholarship

Tallon Hansen, Deer Lodge FFA