Prepared Public Speaking


The National FFA Prepared Public Speaking Leadership Development Event is designed to develop agricultural leadership, communication skills and promote interest in leadership and citizenship by providing member participation in agricultural public speaking activities.


Any member of FFA in good standing regularly enrolled in agriculture education is eligible.

National Event Rules:

  •  It is highly recommended that participants wear FFA Official Dress for this event.
  •  Each participant’s manuscript will be the result of his or her own efforts. It is expected that the participant will take advantage of all available training facilities at his or her local school in developing his or her speaking ability. Facts and working data may be secured from any source but must be appropriately documented.
  • Participants will report to the orientation meeting for instructions at the time and place shown in the current year’s schedule of events.
  • Three to eight competent and impartial persons will be selected to judge the event. At least one judge should have an agricultural background. Each state with a speaker will provide a judge for preliminary round of the national event. Any advisor who has a student competing in a speaking event may not serve as a judge for that respective speaking event.

Event Format:

  • Manuscript;
    • Manuscript requirements:
    • Formatted to fit 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper double-spaced with a 1-inch margin
    • Cover page including the speech title, participant’s name, state and year
    • Font size must be 12 point using a serif (Times New Roman, Cambria, etc.) or sans-serif font (Ariel, Calibri, etc.)
    • Follow the most current APA style guide for developing a reference list and in-text citations.
    • Manuscripts not meeting these guidelines will be penalized.
  • Students will recite speech as manuscript reads and will be prepared to answer questions regarding the topic area.


Ties will be broken based on the greatest number of low ranks. Participants’ low ranks will be counted, and the participant with the greatest number of low ranks will be declared the winner. If a tie still exists, the event superintendent will rank the participants’ response to questions. The participant with the lowest rank from the response to the question will be declared the winner. If a tie still exists, the participants’ raw scores will be totaled. The participant with the greatest total of raw points will be declared the winner.


The state winner will receive an appropriate plaque, pin and $100 from the National FFA Foundation. He/she will also receive $100 for travel expenses to the National FFA convention. Final 4 at state will be recognized on stage with a plaque and a pin.


Chapters will conduct a Prepared Public Speaking event with the local winners competing at the district level. The first place district winner will compete in Round one contest at state FFA conference. The eligible contestants will draw to make up the contest participation; four in one group and five in another. The first and second place winners of each group will advance to the state contest. Winning district speakers will submit four copies of their speeches to the Montana FFA Association at least two weeks prior to the annual State FFA Leadership Conference. The candidate’s ability to effectively answer appropriate questions posed by the judges of the contest is considered in selecting a state winner. At the chapter, district, area and state levels the National Career Development Events Bulletin will be followed. An individual may compete in only one of the speaking contests above the state level (either extemporaneous or prepared) in a given year.

Scoring Rubrics

2017 Prepared Speaking Rubric

2017 Prepared Speaking Manuscript Rubric