Jake Chulyak


Hi Montana FFA,

My name is Jake Chulyak and it is my distinct privilege to introduce myself as the 2023-2024 state president. It is such an honor to have the opportunity to serve all of you alongside my wonderful team. I am not your typical FFA member as I do not come from an agricultural background. That does not mean that I will not represent every one of you. I believe that FFA has a place for every student, and it is a goal of mine to aid in the education of agriculture for all students. My tenure in this great organization has shaped me into the individual that is before you. Though I have participated in many CDEs and LDEs. My favorite by far has been ATMS. The real-life, career-applicable skills that I developed have given me a distinct leg up in life. I feel this rings true for all contests. As we progress through this year together, I urge all of you to try new events and meet new people. In the immortal words of President FDR, “The only thing worth fearing is fear itself.” Failure is how we grow. So, take a chance and jump in. I want each and every one of you to know that I am here to aid and serve you. My door is always open. I promise to utilize every tool in my belt to help you achieve your goals and realize your potential. Thank you for your vote of confidence.

I can’t wait to see what the year will hold!

Montana FFA Communications

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