Meeting Ideas

Meeting attendance is necessary to chapter success, but sometimes it is difficult to achieve. Making meetings more fun and meaningful will help to increase the number of members in attendance.

When planning the meeting be sure to:

  1. Create a list of business items to discuss.
  2. Be sure to include some topic of discussion that will allow the members to have a say in the chapter’s activities.
  3. Create a list of all essential tasks to be completed before the meeting.
  4. Work all of these into a final agenda to post before the meeting for members to review.

Meeting Ideas:

  • Recess for POA Committee meetings during chapter meetings to ensure regularity.
  • Bring food to every meeting! This will encourage everyone to attend, even members who may have just got out of sports practice.
  • Have a joint meeting with your alumni and play fun games afterwards to encourage member and alumni interaction.
  • Host a new, fun activity after every meeting:
    • Just Dance Tournament
    • Dummy Roping Jackpot
    • Jitterbugging/Line Dancing Workshop
    • Pie Eating Contest
    • Mock CDE Contest
    • Movie Night
    • Watch the NFR on the Projector
    • Go sledding
    • Bake cookies
    • Dodgeball tournament
    • Snowball fight
    • Johnny Bravo Volleyball and Powderpuff Football

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