The Program of Activities (POA) is a required document that serves as a road map for chapters at the local level. Each chapter turns its POA into the State Association, and it ensures that chapters are accomplishing their goals and meeting the needs of members and communities.

The POA is divided into three sections:

  1. Growing Leaders
  2. Building Communities
  3. Strengthening Agriculture.

Each member is assigned a specific responsibility within the POA to ensure total involvement of chapter members. It maps out the wide range of activities that are planned to accomplish the needs and goals of the chapter.

Chapter meetings are then held regularly, and by participating in them, members gain communication, planning, and parliamentary skills, along with the memories made with their fellow chapter members. Other fun activities may take place at these meetings including refreshments and special speakers.

Resources for creating a working POA:

Sample POAs including a sample form to follow:
Sample POA1: POA-1 – National FFA Organization
Sample POA2: POA-2 – National FFA Organization

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